THE LASH – translucent matte gold

  • The AUTUM Lash is our strictly Flatland frame! The frame gives you the best feedback possible for your technical Flatland riding. For us it was also important to find a good balance between weight and strength to allow endless riding sessions. If you are into some straight technical Flatland riding this is the right choice for you.
  • Already an established frame in the Flatland mecca Japan!
  • Weight: 1950g
    Specs: 18.7’’ and 19.3’’ toptube
    12.8’’ slammed Chainstays
    74.5° Headtube angle
    73° Seattube angle
    Standover 150mm
    Integrated chain tensioners
    10mm dropouts
    Removable brake hardware
    Spanish BB, BB height 45mm (from centerline)
    Integrated campagnolo style headbearing

    Finest 4130 CrMo sanko tubing

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