FL/ST PEGS – anodized glossy silver

  • FL/ST stands as you might thought for FLAT/STREET. We created these pegs in mind to give overall riders a chance to be able to perform everywhere and in any situation with the same set up. The steel of the peg body will allow you to grind and chink around in your daily jibs. The peg cap and the attached griptape which you could use for the top side of the pegs will give you perfect foot control during your Flat Combos or your Hang Fives during a Street line. The caps of the pegs are screwable with a standard allen key so that a replacement is quite easy to handle.
  • Weight: 229g per peg
  • Size 111mm
  • Screwable caps
  • Ratch & allen key screwable
  • Fits Axle size 10mm ( 3/8")
  • anodized glossy black and silver


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